Update your UVE Profile with a Bang!

Posted by Rebecca - 02 Nov 2021
Get ready for the season ahead and update your Uni-versal Extras profile with a bang with our helpful top tips!

Is your Uni-versal Extras’ profile in need of a little revamp? Well, you’re in luck! In today’s blog post, we’re letting you know how best to update your UVE profile and explain why keeping your profile as up-to-date as possible is so important when it comes to casting.

Time to Update your Profile!

Ensuring that your profile is as up-to-date as can be is one of the best ways that you can prepare for future roles. Having access to your recent photos and relevant measurements means that our Casting Team can submit you for suitable roles and allow production to see a true representation of how you currently look.

Productions cast roles based on measurements, appearance, and skills, therefore it’s so important that your Uni-versal Extras’ profile reflects you as you currently are. For example, if production sees a photo of you with pink hair and your turn up to filming with blonde hair, it may result in you being turned away from set which is something that nobody wants to happen. That’s why it’s vital that you update your profile as often as you can. It’s also important to ensure that your contact and payment details are correct to avoid any issues when it comes to Availability Checks and payment.

So, what aspects on my profile need to be updated?


Photos are an essential part of any UVE profile. After all, a picture says a thousand words and it’s the first thing that productions will see when we send them over the all important lookbooks.

At Uni-versal Extras, we’re very proud of our photo approval process, so much so that we often receive great feedback regarding the quality of our Extras’ photos. Every UVE profile requires two types of photos, a head and shoulders shot and a full body shot. All photos need to be taken in front of a plain background, either a plain wall of a brick wall, with no distractions. Doorframes, shelves, and plug sockets etc are all classed as distractions.

It’s so important to update your photos as often as possible, or following a change to your appearance. Just had a haircut? Be sure to show us! How about a new visible tattoo? We’d love to see it! With the free UVE Artiste app, you can upload photos to your profile straight from your phone! Simply pose, click and upload! Download for free from The App Store and Google Play.

To find out more about our photo guidelines, be sure to check out our ultimate photo guide.


Just like photos, measurements are just as important when it comes to casting. When you are booked in for a role, we pass over your measurements to production who then pass the information over to the costume department. Productions tailor costumes to fit you, therefore if your measurements on your profile are incorrect, this can cause an issue at the fitting and could result in you being turned away from set without payment. That’s why it’s best to stay on top of your measurements and update your profile accordingly. If you’re unsure about how to correctly take your measurements, our handy measurement guide will be sure to help you.


If you’ve recently learned a new skill, it’s always a good idea to pop it onto your UVE profile. We have a tone of unique roles that come through our doors, so you never know when your skill can help get you cast in a role! From knitters to jugglers, fire eaters and magicians, we have all sorts of talent on our books, so be sure to join in and share your special skills with us! To find out more, check out our previous blog post.

You can make sure that you’re the first to know about the latest extras roles by downloading the exclusive UVE Artistes app! Available for free for iOS and Android, the app allows you to receive push notifications about the latest extra roles straight to your phone. Download the UVE Artistes app today!